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How to Factory Reset IPhone without Losing Your Data

Factory reset is the process of erasing all the information stored in the phone to fix an issue. Majority prefer to factory reset their phones if they keep experiencing problems regarding their phones. It is never an enjoyable experience when one is forced to factory reset his or her handset as they lose meaningful information and photos too. Fixation is accorded to all phones including IPhones which may start behaving strangely. The information below will give tips on how to factory reset IPhone without losing your data.

Another way to factory reset IPhone without losing your data is learning to soft reset and later factory reset. It will definitely be so disappointing when a person loses his data while factory resetting his or her IPhone. The most important thing to do first is to soft reset your IPhone so that you do not lose your data. Soft reset might give you ideas of the problem you are re-counting and if it seems unresponsive, you can decide to hard reset then factory reset.

Secondly, you can back up your IPhone data and run a reset and that means you need to create an iPhone backup. Doing this will give you easy time and you will be able to restore your iPhone without losing any data. You do not need to worry if you have an iPhone back up as it will ensure all your documentations are secure. The moment you back up your iPhone, then you know you will immediately have all your photos, messages and contacts back.

What if you forget to back up your iPhone, you don’t have to be horrified as you can find them by exporting them from the media to the text. There are steps to follow in case that happens and this the best way to get back all you need. It is important to follow the various steps and this is to install a disk drill, connect your iPhone and select the device, proceed by clicking recover in which you will review the file and choose what you need then you click recover to confirm.

It is also vital to use the ICloud storage to factory reset your iPhone. While using iCloud, you are able to keep your documents, photos and other sources that you require secure. You are sure to get all your information when you use iCloud and they will definitely be restored once you create a backup. ICloud procedure is easy and the directions are as follows: making sure your icloud is active by logging into the account, backing up iPhone contents, deciding on materials to backup and lastly hitting backup button. The information above will direct you how to factory reset iPhone without losing your data.

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